This is us, our awkward faces, the manifesto we work (and live) by and projects we truly believe in. We strive to leave the planet in a better place than we found it which is why we offset the emissions from our personal and professional lives through Ecologi.

Dogeatcog Team Photo

Say cheeeeeese...

Rich Corrigan, Creative Director, Dogeatcog


A firm believer in collaboration and community, Rich founded the Drawsome! festival and co-founded York Design Week.

Mark Winter, Animation Director, Dogeatcog


Multi-disciplinary designer and animator, Mark specialises in bringing work to life through engaging motion graphics and creative storytelling.

Laura Sanderson


Founder of Art is my Career, an initiative creating free resources and support for educational institutes to inspire and encourage the next generation of creatives.

Our manifesto


Rather a Rebel than a Slave

We value difference, uniqueness and emotion. We encourage the freedom to explore ideas, create side hustles and allow our passion to drive us.


Hearts not Trends

We empathise with the audience to gain insights. We follow our hearts and our gut, but never trends. Trends are where creativity goes to die.


Let’s be Fair

We understand and treat people and ourselves fairly. We strive to make a positive change through community projects. We don’t force our opinions; we simply engage in conversation.


Leave the Egos at the Door

The world has enough egos in the spotlight. We don’t need more. We value all opinions equally, giving everyone involved a voice.


Let’s be Honest

We believe in what we do, and what you do too. We encourage open, honest conversations to ensure the best outcome for all.


Sharing is Caring

We love collaboration and will openly collaborate on projects we believe in, sharing the credit fully and fairly.


We’re Responsible

We take a holistic view on projects and strive to work in a socially responsible way, promoting sustainability, so we can make a positive impact on the environment.

Drawsome festival logo

We host an annual live music and illustration festival in York in aid of Bowel Cancer UK.

York Design Week logo

In 2019, we co-founded York Design Week with United by Design and Kaizen Arts Agency.

York Creatives Logo

We are involved heavily with York Creatives, a network shining a light on creatives within the city.

Young Thugs logo

We're proud to be partners in Young Thugs, a Northern record label and recording studio.

Skint Skateboards

Business partners in Skint, we work alongside a talented pool of skaters and creators.

BE SO Soap

Handmade in York, BE SO creates 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free soaps.

Drawsome is an annual illustration and live music festival, with the key aims of raising money and awareness for Bowel cancer UK and bringing together the creative community in York in an accessible way.

York Design Week is a yearly arts and culture festival working to support, facilitate and encourage good change. With the aim of creating a city of activists making stuff better in small ways through design led events.

York Creatives is a grassroots collaborative network established in 2016. With the aim of supporting the creative community through ideas, contacts and resources, running regular socials, workshops and events and presenting issues to policy makers.

We work with

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