Branding and Magazine design Cambridge University

Cambridge University

Founded in 1511, St John’s is one of the largest Colleges in Cambridge. Its former students include Nobel Prize winners, renowned scientists, artists and leaders in business. Providing first-class facilities within a conserved historic environment, St John’s continues to be one of the world’s top academic institutions.

The Brief

With a long standing relationship, the work completed with St John’s College ranges from brand projects, which saw a re-brand of the alumni sectors, building a repositioned and cohesive system to allow flexibility and growth, through to bi-annually alumni magazine, Johnian. 

Our Approach

When working with St John’s College, University of Cambridge, it is vital we stay respectful to the extensive and impressive history, as one of the most well respected colleges in the world it is essential that the reputation and values are well presented. 

From colours to fonts, each section of the brand for the three alumni, Johnian Society, Beaufort Society and the Annual Fund have been meticulously crafted to work with one another, allowing for a flexible system that is warm and welcoming as well as clear and concise. 

The Outcome

The addition of elements such as the framing device allow the brand to stay prominent across a range of mediums whilst also framing photography to allow strong, bold imagery to have a focus. 

Working across a range of materials such as Marguerite, an annual presentation providing a yearly review of the exceptional projects and stories as well as highlighting key donors and showing gratitude for making it possible. 

Johnian Magazine

Johnian is dedicated to celebrating stories of St John’s College alumni. The global Johnian community have a lifelong relationship with the college and one another, the bi-annual magazine works to direct support to areas of need while growing connections further and encouraging donor support from the tight-knit community.