STEM Learning

STEM is the discipline of educating students around four specific topics; science, technology, engineering and mathematics. With the vision of providing a world-leading education for all young people across the UK, STEM Learning works in collaboration with the UK Government, organisations ranging on scale and young people across the country to deliver a programme of resources to provide long-term support.

The Brief

When the UK Governments Industrial Strategy was released, STEM approached us to help them deliver a narrative around the four Grand Challenges facing society, explaining how together with the government, organisations and education can come together to solve these challenges and make a real difference. 

Our Approach

It was key we took into consideration the amount of quick information people have at their finger tips in modern society, with this in mind we wanted to look at the bigger picture, creating a story-telling piece of work that would take the audience on a journey. 

The Outcome

Creating a bespoke landscape of illustrations to set the scene for our story telling we initially created a series of posters. Sitting together the posters create the bigger picture, looking at the what, how and the why. When separated, each poster focuses on bite-sized topics; an explanatory piece of the Grand Challenge as a whole, Artificial Intelligence, Future of Mobility, Clean Growth and Ageing Society. 

With the suggestion of an animation, allowing for more engagement on digital platforms, we created a longer, explainer animation with a script detailing the changes and benefits which could then be broken down in a similar way to the posters, to create five, shorter sharable assets.

Rolling out across direct mailers, print and digital assets the set of resources will then be available to schools to educate young people on the solutions available and how by everyone working together, we can Create Good Trouble.