OpHouse is an initiative to create radically affordable and eco-friendly homes for people who need them. It aims to provide options and opportunities for people otherwise unable to get on the housing ladder to self-build tiny homes with a reduced carbon footprint, and in doing so disrupt the broken housing market. 

The Brief

We were invited to create an animation to help explain the aims of OpHouse as an engaging, informative and shareable piece of content. 

Our Approach and Outcome

To convey a step change in the way we think about housing, we switched from 2D to 3D in the animation, using the building blocks and shapes from the Ophouse logo to create a playful, abstract animation that takes the audience on a fluid journey, narrated by the voiceover. Designed to be simple, fun and engaging, the animation tells the story of Ophouse’s ‘tiny idea’ with music created by local artist, Luke Saxton.

Learn more about Ophouse and its amazing work here www.ophouse.co.uk