Skint Skateboards

Set up and run by skaters from the North, Skint Skate is the biggest handmade skateboard company in the UK. Decks are individually crafted from seven-ply Canadian Hard Rock Maple and are all designed, made and printed in-house at their factory in Leeds. Collaborating with illustrators and artists, exclusive ranges are created and used worldwide by a host of sponsors, including commissions from Metallica, Bull and Sonic Youth - each deck is in itself a work of art.

Our Approach

Skint wanted to level up its existing brand and use the brand refresh as a springboard to further business growth, with the launch of new merchandise and e-commerce platform.

We are proud to be business partners in Skint alongside a talented pool of skaters and creators. Working closely with the team we wanted to make subtle changes to the logo, to allow brand longevity and create an illustrated style that would reflect the diversity and talents of all those involved at Skint.

We conducted research to explore and refine Skint’s wants and needs from the brand, forming the basis for our successful and fact-led marketing strategy.

The Outcome

An eye catching and still recognisable word marque forms the basis of the evolved brand refresh. We also collaborated with a number of designers to create a new range of decks, launched alongside a suite of new merchandise.

Rolling the brand across social and digital platforms, we also teamed up with Awesome Merch to deliver a shopify website to showcase the full range and allow merchandise to be produced on demand.